What Lenses can I order?

You can order the full range of UltraVision contact lenses through Online Ordering.
These include:
 Specialty 55 / 55AB
Silicone Hydrogel
Silicone HydrogelHydroWave®
  UltraWave™ SiH
 Aphakic™ SiH
 Bandage™ SiH
 High Myopic™ SiH
 Paediatric™ SiH
Soft Lenses 
 Plasma GP
Other Lenses 
 CD 38
 Presto 58
 Omega 38
 Prima 67

Placing an order for your practice has become easier with UltraVision’s new online ordering system. The new system allows practitioners to place and track orders quickly and easily, without having to make a phone call!